wellness at our heart

Discover a sense of balance, peace and purpose in our state-of-the-art wellness studio, with classes led by experienced yogi, Mandy Jhamet.

Book, or drop-in to, daily yoga, pilates, meditation and HIIT classes in-between meetings and sink into an oasis of calm with intuitive colour lighting and immersive sound.

We are the first studio in London to run yoga and meditation classes powered by mycoocoon revolutionary technology. The Spectrum Wellbeing programme is the first of its kind, using yoga, meditation and mindfulness supported by a deep colour immersion technology by way of wellbeing (flicker-free) light walls in the studio to create a unique and transformative experience.

Our beautiful studio is also available to hire - for wellness activities and classes, or as a tech-free meeting space. Drop us an email at [email protected] to find out more


a range of classes to suit your mood

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Spectrum Yoga

Classes are vinyasa flow and include salutations, standing poses, balances and floor based poses to offer a well-rounded practice.

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Spectrum Meditation

Spectrum Meditation moves through the 8 colours of the spectrum corresponding to each energy centre in the body and using the coloured light and guided visualisation to leave you feeling balance and centred.  This is a teacher-less guided class.


Slow Flow

A vinyasa class including a slow flow vinyasa and long hold of poses to open and balance, ending with a restorative release.

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Breathe Meditation

Each class assists in providing greater awareness of our patterns of breathing and practicing a more efficient, natural breath and then moves on the specific breath techniques.


Dynamic Flow

A dynamic and strong class which works on basic alignment principles to flow through the sun salutations and then working into deeper poses.

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Yin Yoga

A floor-based class consisting of passive poses that work to open up mainly the hips, pelvic region, lower back (lumbar) and mid-back (thoracic). These are longer held poses (up to 5/6 mins) and work to access the connective tissues below our outer-layer muscles.


Yoga Restore

The ultimate wakeful rest of poses supported with props, to allow the body and mind to destress and unwind. Mainly floor based and best practiced with Breathe Meditation classes.


HIIT Training

High Intensity Interval Training combines short, intense, and unsustainable bursts of activity, with intervals of quick rest, with heart-thumping, toe-tapping music to boot. Guaranteed to get you sweaty.

Email us to book and to find out more: [email protected]