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Transformational Thinking: 1-Day Workshop

  • x+why 20-30 Whitechapel Road London, England, E1 1EW United Kingdom (map)

As coaches and consultants working with individuals, businesses and teams, delivering the results your clients need demands you see new, hidden solutions to novel and recurring problems. Doing this well needs more than your excellent skills; you need the capacity to understand and act decisively against your complex, ambiguous, and nebulous challenges.

Being able to process volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) contexts, as well as construct holistic solutions quickly, depends on your cognitive capacity for processes, relatedness, contexts and transformations.

Whether you are working on social impact, innovation or organisational change projects, Transformational Thinking helps you when there are no easy solutions.

Solve your problems by developing your cognitive capacity by adding a new dimension to your thought processes and enhancing the effectiveness of the tools and skills you are already using with excellence.

As a practice, Transformational Thinking uses "28 Thought Forms" [7-Process, 7-Context, 7-Relationship, 7-Transformation], each of which aims to incrementally help deepen one's understanding of the contexts they are engaging with.


Your 1-Day Introductory workshop to Transformational Thinking provides an overview of the programme, highlighting elements of the concept, tools & methodologies used and key benefits.

The first half of the workshop will introduce the four pillars of Transformational Thinking and their associated thought patterns. These Meta Thinking patterns are all about grasping opposites, contradictions, and paradox to create transformation.

In the second half, you will be working in triads to practice the Thought Forms in relation to a specific challenge to be agreed with your peers. We will guide you in how to find new options for one of your current wicked challenges and help you develop your ability to make sense of your world and navigate through its complexities.

Group Size: 3-9 Participants

Key Facilitator: Graham Boyd, Founder & CEO Evolutesix

Ticket Includes:

  • Snack & Refreshments. (For lunch, there are a lot of eateries in the area to explore)

  • 10% Discount for next workshop with Evolutesix.

Feel free to write to us at in case of any questions or doubts.

Tickets cost £250-£450