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WOW LABS: Getting sh*done - Fuelling performance for tomorrow

  • x+why 20-30 Whitechapel Road London, England, E1 1EW United Kingdom (map)

This x+why breakfast session is an invite-only session where we will cut the cr*p on people stuff to help us move with greater speed, agility using our zero cost secret sources of human (vs artificial) intelligence and intuition. This is all about HR for the modern world!

As our organisations grow in size and ambition, we typically start to experience the promises and pull of ‘better’ systems, apps, processes and tools to help us find out what our people think, feel and do well/not so well. We default to a desire for data. More data. More frequent data. Without this data we are told that we are doomed...We won’t be able to motivate our people or improve productivity. Our people will disengage. Our Glassdoor ratings will slide. Everyone will leave. Or, people who should leave will stay. And that all sounds bad. But, is it true?

During our session we will take a look at the prevailing wisdom upon which many of the current people tools and processes have been built? We will take a look at some curious questions, such as:

● Just how reliable are performance rating tools?

● How good are humans at reliably rating other humans?

● How true is it that millennials want feedback, more feedback and still more feedback?

● What is the true quality of the data that our people surveys/apps give us?

What if our assumptions to date are flawed? What if we could liberate ourselves from meaningless data capture, always-on feedback, and endless people engagement assessments? Would we get more sh*t done?

This breakfast session will help debunk some of the dominant people myths and help liberate our hearts, minds (and budgets) from expensive defaults. We will re-examine how we might sense and respond to create powerful ‘soft infrastructure’ for our organisations and look at practical and safe-to-try alternatives to ‘more measurement’. Alternatives which feed on uniquely human powered (vs.AI led) people practices that support the development of a culture in which we can do our best work