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Entrepreneurial Advice from East London Co-Working Space

To mark World Entrepreneur’s Day we spoke to eight x+why members, asking them to share their most powerful advice on entrepreneurship, innovation or leadership. Their responses were intelligent and diverse, but unified by some strong themes, and the guts, inspiration, and dedication found only in founders currently in the start-up trenches themselves.

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Co Working Spaces. Finding your niche & building your community

Our very own CEO, Rupert Dean, joined host Angelica Malin, and founder of The Dots, Pip Jamieson, for the Work in Progress podcast. In this episode, they talk about how to find your focus, why it’s vital to try and innovate, and the importance of building and supporting your community.

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Shared Office Spaces in London. A Powerful New Model for Doing Business

Do you remember when it was countercultural for a company to act like it gave a shit? In her 1994 book Body and Soul: Profits with Principles, The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick laid out her unconventional business philosophy:

“First, you have to have fun. Second, you have to put love where your labour is. Third, you have to go in the opposite direction to everyone else.”

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