Flexible-workspace community in East London

In the News: x+why's vibrant, flexible-workspace community

Co-Founder and CCO Phil Nevin talks to MIX INTERIORS about the purpose of x+why, and how design and art has played a key role it’s delivery.  Joined by Maria Cheung from the space’s architects, Squires and Partners, and art consultancy ARTIQ’s Patrick McCrae, MIX delve into what makes x+why such an inspiring and important place.


x+why co-working area in Whitechapel.jpg

It’s not just the proposition of uniting purpose-driven businesses, nor the combination of wellness, technology, creativity and community. 

It’s the building itself, which has a long history of philanthropy, community and social action.

It’s the thoughtful renovation, which took inspiration from the history of Whitechapel, specifically its heritage of tanneries and local markets, and it’s more recent reincarnation as an area for the arts, combined with a unique mix of cultures and traditions. 

And finally, it’s the rotating art exhibition from ARTIQ, each piece hand-selected for its ability to reflect the dynamic and vibrant nature of the space and to enhance the wellbeing aspect of each area, encouraging conversation, inspiration and interaction. 

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‘We’re on the colourful, diverse and energetic Whitechapel High Street, which is home to the first x+why flexible workspace community. As regular readers will be all too aware, we’ve seen a number of flexible workspaces over the past couple of years but this, we’re assured, is something completely new in terms of attitude and ethos.

We wanted to start to look at things differently – yes, profit is important, but so is the planet, and so are people, and their well-being and their lives. This is where we think business should go. We’re only a small part of this movement – but we really want to be a part of what we believe will be a big system change
— Phil Nevin, Co-Founder x+why

x+why might currently have just the one site, here in Whitechapel, but Phil tells us that there are plans to expand across the UK and internationally.

He’s certainly got our backing.’