24 hour East London Coworking for purpose-driven businesses, movements and leaders


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our purpose journey

Yearning to create something more imaginative and meaningful than classic co-working, ex corporate lawyer Rupert Dean and property designer and developer Phil Nevin decided to think greater than the daily grind.

The duo became obsessed with the notion of ‘Why’. Why do we do what we do? Why does it matter? And what is the formula behind happy and successful business? With all answers pointing to purpose, their mission became to unite, inspire and amplify purpose-driven business with x+why.

our story


how we support purpose

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Harnessing the power of together

We work better and achieve more side-by-side, open and conversing, challenging and encouraging.

Some of the best ideas are developed from a surprising rogue comment, the most powerful relationships spawned from a chance encounter, and the happiest employees thrive from sociable and supportive work lives. Magic happens when we unite.



Stimulating game changing ideas

Inspiring means talking and sharing stories, attending workshops, listening to experts and those just starting out too.

It means taking an active role in listening and in contributing, bending your comfort zone and going beyond what you thought was relevant or possible. It’s being both the student and the teacher, allowing openness, and surprising yourself at each hurdle.



Celebrating our members’ success

Behind every stroke of business brilliance is a talented crew of people who made it come to life.

Whether it’s an award-win, an amazing new product release, or an inspiring new commitment to sustainability, we focus on, and share the powerful work and achievements of the members we are learning from right now

design and inspiration

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keeping heritage at our heart

Weaving Whitechapel’s local craft, community, multiculturalism and attitude of advancement into our design and framework, we’ve made our neighbourhood our muse

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created with purpose

From the complimentary tea and coffee in our open-plan kitchens to the art on our walls and the shampoo, conditioner and soaps in our fully fitted-out changing rooms, everything has been designed in collaboration with purpose-driven brands we love 

a wonder of Whitechapel

Originally home to a famous East-End traders’ hall, fittingly called the People’s Mission Hall, our space has the hustle and bustle of industry in its bones as well as a giving heart: the building was home to the Salvation Army’s HQ for many years

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inspired by our surroundings

Bridging Central and East London, Whitechapel is an intricate blend of history, tradition, art and enterprise: from the rush of the rag trade to the legendary market culture, from the Irish, Jewish and Bangladeshi influence to intrepid art, and arguably the best Asian food in all of the sprawling metropolis 

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find us

In the middle of the gateway to East London, we’re smack-dab in between Whitechapel and Aldgate Underground Stations on the famous Whitechapel Road.

People’s Mission Hall,
20-30 Whitechapel Rd,
E1 1EW



ready to grow?

Ready to nurture your purpose, grow your community and truly thrive? Let’s do this.

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