Achieve your impact goals with the WhyB Programme

The WhyB Programme is hosted by x+why, developed in partnership with B Lab UK. It is designed to motivate businesses as they complete their B Impact Assessment (BIA), the key to unlocking B Corp Certification, but also a valuable business planning tool.

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How it works

The Programme brings together a range of businesses across three sessions and helps them all navigate the B Impact Assessment, with the support of a network of peers, and an inspiring environment in which to meet and work.


companies per group


weeks timeline


morning sessions

Expert Support

with expertise from B Leaders

B Impact Assessment

First draft complete

What you’ll learn

There are three sessions spread over six weeks. Each session covers one or two pillars of the B Impact Assessment; Governance, Environment, Workers, Community and Customers. Together, with the support of a B Corp specialist, each business will complete the entire assessment, and achieve a score by the end of the Programme.

A company’s overall mission, ethics, accountability, transparency and how they build their vision and values into their bylaws
Explore businesses’ efforts to create positive impacts for their workforce.
How a company serves their customers, offering products or services that support the greater good
How a company creates a sense of community within the workspace and with their customers
How a company works towards a more sustainable and regenerative planet by reducing their footprint and putting their impact on the air, climate, water, land, and biodiversity first in their business practices.

“The Programme has provided us with some valuable guidelines within which to build the business. I have especially enjoyed the advice and the people, as well as the demystification of the BCorp process”

Louise Avery
Founder LA Brewery

Meet some of our alumni

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    WhyB is an excellent way for businesses, large and small, to understand their impact, improve it, and have fun.

    The live sessions are designed to remove any confusion or complexity, and allow time and space to ask those impossible questions, getting the answers as you need them.

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    £400 per business

    WhyB Programme
    • Expert support from B Leaders
    • 4 sessions across 8 weeks
    • First draft BIA completed
    • Networking opportunity