Green is the New Punk

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November 7, 2023
September 15, 2023
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Green is the New Punk
Green is the New Punk
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Article by Rody Bradbury, Senior Community Manager at x+why

In a world driven by innovation and social responsibility, a new revolution is quietly taking shape in the professional arena. Going green and adopting sustainable working practices in co-working spaces such as x+why, has become the modern equivalent of punk rock—an emblem of rebellion against conventional norms, a call for change, and a statement of individuality.

Punk ethos has always epitomised rebellion against the establishment. Today, co-working is embracing a similar spirit by challenging the traditional office paradigm. Going green isn't just about reducing one's carbon footprints, it needs to be a collective change to make a sustained impact, the Japanese define this continued sustained improvement as 'Shitsuke' - stating in order to be truly successful it requires community effort. This is a cornerstone foundational belief at x+why, believing that we are stronger together. It's about breaking free from outdated practices that prioritise wastefulness. Just as punk rock defied musical norms, sustainable co-working defies business-as-usual, placing the environment at the forefront of the workspace and honest business decision making.

Much like the famous punks of Kings Road, today's forward thinkers scoff at the excess and artifice with sustainable co-working echoing this sentiment. Our spaces are turning away from resource-heavy practices that dominate traditional offices. By sharing resources, minimising waste, upcycling materials and prioritising energy-efficient technologies. We're embracing a minimalist, streamlined approach to seamlessly ingratiate themselves into the local landscape. It's easy to build a new office somewhere, but to understand the ideals and the identity that already thrives in these locations is what sets x+why apart. Belief that the community is already there, our job is just to amplify it tenfold.

The continued shift towards remote work and digital collaboration is yet another example of punk-inspired rebellion against excess commuting and paper waste. Sustainable co-working isn't just about working differently; it's about working smarter, not harder.

Just as music united people against societal norms, the sustainable co-working movement is doing the same. By championing sustainability, our spaces are conduits for positive change. They're attracting professionals who demand a greener alternative to the old ways of working, and in doing so, they're influencing broader business practices. From the small scale start up to some of the largest and most influential businesses around.

Punks once ignited societal discussions; co-working is once again sparking conversations but for new reasons, this time about environmental responsibility. We're proving that a workplace can be both functional, engaging and ethical—a message that's resonating far beyond the responsibly sourced and upcycled walls.

In the punk era, success was about more than just commercial triumph; it was about challenging norms and making a difference. Sustainable co-working echos this sentiment. Rather than measuring success solely by financial gains, we gauge it by our ecological impact and contribution to a healthier planet and business environment as a whole. Changing the way the world works for good & winning as a collective. Truly anyone can join the green revolution. There is a seat at the table for everyone.

By redefining success to encompass environmental responsibility, sustainable co-working at x+why is reshaping professional values. We're setting a new standard of achievement—one that prioritises positive change over short-term profits.

Being a punk was about standing out, making noise, and inciting change. In the competitive world of co-working, our green revolution is doing just that. By embracing sustainability, co-working is still today embodying the punk spirit, challenging norms, and pioneering a new way of working—one that's as rebellious as it is responsible.

Green co-working isn't just a trend; it's a movement with a message. It's proving that environmental consciousness isn't a luxury but a necessity. As our spaces continue to lead the way towards a more sustainable professional world, we are the new punk rockers, raising our voices for change and proving that going green is the ultimate act of defiance but also one of respect and love for one another, our communities and our planet.

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