#WhoWhatWhy - Danny Welsh, Partnerships Manager at DiSRUPT and Includability

November 7, 2023
October 23, 2023
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#WhoWhatWhy - Danny Welsh, Partnerships Manager at DiSRUPT and Includability
#WhoWhatWhy - Danny Welsh, Partnerships Manager at DiSRUPT and Includability
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x+why member, partner supplier and recruitment extraordinaire, Danny Welsh from DiSRUPT Agency and Includability is a favourite friend of the x+why team. You'll find him in a top tier of industry professionals who knows more B Corp certified and purpose-driven businesses than most. We couldn't be selfish and keep Danny's amazing brain to ourselves, we had to ask him to share a few insights and wisdoms:

Danny, what is your 'Why’?

What more can we do? It’s a genuine question around here. We have always wanted to raise the reputation of recruitment services, but what else could we do? That's how includability was born. It started with us just wanting to be better for ourselves and for our clients. We started with Recite Me to help our websites be more accessible. That led to more amazing conversations with incredible people striving to make businesses better, and then we took the decision to make ED+I, Sustainability and MH pillars of everything we do at DiSRUPT Agency.

Tell us something you find helpful in your working day.

I have to say one of the things as an employee I have found brilliant is Pay Captain App. I also would not be without my x+why membership! As a fully remote (with most being from Reading-ish area but as far away as Scotland) company, it’s such a brill way for me to have a great balance. Otherwise, my nearest colleague is miles away!

Shoutout time! Name a company you think are doing great things.

I am really not trying to cheat here there are so many. One of the sectors we think is just brilliant and the future is indoor/vertical farming. LettUsGrow and Grow-Up Farms are two amazing B Corp companies leading the way. We think you will hear so much more about this in the immediate future.

Something you are proud of from the last year and looking forward to in the next? 🎉

I am coming up to my 1-year mark at DiSRUPT. I get to speak to the best companies all day I am so lucky! There has been lots of things that I have just been privileged to be a part of. Being a part of welcoming new ambassadors has been great. The additions to impacts working with us generates is probably the one for me though. We have added support incredible giving projects like Carma and Charity Water for every invoice we generate, and we are super proud to be able to help such amazing work.

Reading recommendation?

The adventures of Scout. Amazing books from our friends at The 3Engineers. encouraging the next generation of STEM professionals. Their collaboration with The Buddy Bag Foundation, providing books for kids taken into emergency care, is just amazing.

Thank you, Danny, for taking the time to share your world with us. We’d encourage all readers to check out DiSRUPT Agency recruitment for sustainable recruitment.