#WhoWhatWhy - Kyle Soo, Partnerships & Product Manager at B Lab UK

November 7, 2023
June 28, 2023
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#WhoWhatWhy - Kyle Soo, Partnerships & Product Manager at B Lab UK
#WhoWhatWhy - Kyle Soo, Partnerships & Product Manager at B Lab UK
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Kyle Soo is Partnerships and Product Manager at B Lab UK, he's also based in Manchester and one of our founding members at 100 Embankment. Here at x+why we're fascinated and fired up by the regional traction of the B Corp movement, Kyle does so much great work within the Manchester B Corp community and we're so delighted that he'll be able to do so from his new base at 100 Embankment. Just before moving in, Kyle has kindly dedicated some time to talk with our team about his 'Why' and beyond:

Kyle, What is your 'Why’?

For me, it's all about making connections. Nothing beats the feeling of helping to join the dots between people, places and ideas. I am a big advocate of collaboration, especially between groups who don't work together usually - there is a real power, potential and serendipity when things combine in new and innovative ways. Facing today's challenges, we need more ways to work together to do things differently.

Tell us something you find helpful in your working day.

I have a craft or hobby project on the side of my desk which I jump to to work in a creative way during the day. At the moment it's a combination of Warhammer, Gundam and leathercraft!

Shoutout time! Name a company you think are doing great things.

Tony's Chocolonely are a Dutch-based B Corp fighting to make chocolate 100% slave free. They have done a great job to break into the space and combine a good quality product with a clear message and story that this sector needs change.They're also doing some really interesting work to disrupt business as usual with their recent Mission Lock.

Something you are proud of from the last year and looking forward to in the next? 🎉

At B Lab UK, we built and launched a new free online course to help people on the B Corp journey. Already it's had over 3,000 people sign up since March 2023! You can find it here.

Reading recommendation?

Doughnut Economics - Kate Raworth

Thank you, Kyle, for taking the time to share your world with us. We’d encourage all readers to follow the global B Corp movement and follow Kyle on LinkedIn here.