5 reasons you’ll love x+why’s newest Birmingham launch at 103 Colmore Row

November 7, 2023
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5 reasons you’ll love x+why’s newest Birmingham launch at 103 Colmore Row
5 reasons you’ll love x+why’s newest Birmingham launch at 103 Colmore Row
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x+why have just opened a second site in Birmingham, this time at 103 Colmore Row. At 26 storey’s high, it’s not surprising that this is Birmingham’s tallest building and we’re not only ecstatic that we’ll be based within it but we’re also excited to share our new Clubspace, eighteen, which sits at the top of this breathtaking building.

We thought we’d share with you the 5 main reasons that you, too, can be excited for our new opening. Here goes!

1. Starting from the top, it’s the future

Situated on the eighteenth floor of 103 Colmore Row, x+why members and tenants in the building will have access to eighteen, our exclusive Clubspace. It has been designed to provide people with the opportunity to enjoy a unique space for both work and socialising, beyond the usual office building amenity.

With impressive meeting rooms, a vibrant bar and food offering, private dining opportunities, and a terrace with unrivalled views across Birmingham, eighteen closes the gap between work and play, creating a unique third space ideal for modern hybrid working and employee engagement. Find out more about eighteen in our blog here.

2. There is space for all

The x+why space within 103 Colmore Row will be perfectly suited to house teams, large and small, support collaboration and foster creative working. With three floors of flexible workspace consisting of private offices, dedicated desks, and co-working, as well as bookable meeting rooms, mission rooms, phone booths, breakout spaces, and amenities, there is something for every business, no matter the size or industry!

3. Its credentials are inspirational

103 Colmore Row has been given the BREEAM accreditation of Excellent and EPC Rating A. Not only that but it is the first office building in Birmingham to be part of the District Energy Scheme and part of BCC’s climate change strategy which aims to cut CO2 emissiions by 60 percent by 2027 – the building gets its shared hot water from a communal pipe system shared with other civic buildings. This also means the building electricity is via a shared system, procured by the council with ENGIE, delivering low and zero carbon power and technologies

Just like our first space in the city, Foundry, our materials choice throughout include many products with high re-cycled content (such as Pergo flooring) and using local supply chain (like our local joniers ). We have leaned toward hard wearing and long lasting materials, including lots of natural wood, all of which is FSC approved.  All complimented by our trademark biophilic design, and inspiration taken from the surrounding Birmingham area and architecture.

Eighteen’s meeting room tables are by Opus magnum and have upcycled construction within their bases. We’ve also used natural materials, including terra cotta brick tiles, in eighteen’s bar (celebrating the wonderful terra cotta architecture in Birmingham).

We want members and visitors alike to be inspired by the green credentials and see how beautiful an upcycled space can be, too.

4. It has been designed for and by Birmingham

Our location in Birmingham has inspired the design of the interiors at both 103 Colmore Row and eighteen’s club space, too. From the colours of the amazing Edward Burne Jones stained glass in the Cathedral to the impressive terra cotta brickwork used throughout central Birmingham, the curves of the local period architecture to the ornate pattern seen on local buildings and street signs, we’ve brought the city’s unique character inside both spaces. Above all, Birmingham’s history as the ‘city of a thousand trades’, the central hub of the UK’s industry and its entrepreneurial and industrious history, continue to spark our ideas for how to make a work space that has the most positive impact on everyone who interacts with it.

5.  Every cup of coffee has a story

Founded in 2005 from a wind and solar-powered art covered coffee cart, Mozzo, our coffee partners for 103 are committed to crafting, sharing and serving remarkable coffee experiences both in and out of the home. They buy exceptional coffee from people they trust to create great tasting blends that positively uplift everyone from bean to cup. Here more about the incredible work they do here:

‘At Mozzo, we believe in the power of positivity and aspire to make the world a braver and brighter place through the magic of coffee. Striving to be balanced and progressive in all we do, we continually seek to maximise the social impact, minimise the environmental impact and highlight the commercial value of our efforts.

Building a solid business model to carry our vision forward, in 2015 we set up the Community2Community Fund™ in which we invest 1p per capsule, 1p per brew bag and 10p for every kg of coffee sold. The Fund sets out to support the constructive progression of coffee farming communities, find out more here.’

To find out more about how you and your team can benefit from 103 Colmore Row, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you! This space is not one to be missed if you’re Birmingham based or visit the city. Let us show you how fun work can be, you won’t regret it!