Five reasons x+why's new Studio Offices at Unity Place are the way forward

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April 4, 2024
April 4, 2024
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Five reasons x+why's new Studio Offices at Unity Place are the way forward
Five reasons x+why's new Studio Offices at Unity Place are the way forward
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Article by Nicole Rodrigues, x+why Community Manager at Unity Place

Our new x+why site in Milton Keynes, Unity Place, is the first of our sites to launch our exciting new Studio Offices. Our Studio Offices are a unique twist on the traditional office space with their open tops. With spaces from 1 Desk to 7, here are five reasons why they are the way forward for smaller businesses:

1. A relaxed, but private approach to working.

Our Studio offices are the perfect mix between dedicated desks and private offices, but with their own unique flair. The open top aspect of the Studio Offices allows smaller businesses and solo entrepreneurs to have their own space with a lockable door, whilst allowing the general ambience and comfort of co-working. Gone are the days of having to carry everything around with you – now you have a safe space to keep everything.

2. Becoming an x+why member!

Probably the best perk of the lot – but as an x+why member, you have access to all sorts of benefits. You can find out more here, but you’ll be invited to all of our events that we host, you’ll have access to all of our x+why sites and you will join a thriving network of like-minded individuals.

3. The ability to register your business.

With the ability to lock your space and keep your possessions safe, you can also register Unity Place as your business address. Unity Place is the newest and most sought after building in Milton Keynes – so having this as your business address would build credibility and trust for your small business. It also means we can accept post for you, so you never have to worry about missing an important delivery again.

4. More space, less cost.

Our Studio Offices allow more space per desk than our traditional Private Offices for a lower cost – meaning you get more bang for your buck. With an average of 39sqft per desk, you’ll have plenty of space for any of those workplace essentials (bean bags, filing cabinets, white boards etc).

5. Access to all our exciting building perks.

Having your Studio Office opens you up to all our building perks – from access to the Unity Place car park, to the ability to use the Wellness Suite on the top floor. Unity Place comes with 900 parking spaces underneath the building, and being a building member will give you access to book these spaces. We all know how tough it can be to find good parking in Milton Keynes!

At Unity Place, we’ve been working hard to get our Studio Offices ready for our new members. We have our upcoming acoustic audits to make sure the sound levels are just right for you, we are adding all the beautiful final touches and our meeting rooms are well on the way to being finished. So, don’t worry if you ever have any confidential talks – we have 11 bookable meeting rooms, plus 19 phone booths and 2 drop-in meeting rooms.

If you’re interested in coming to see our Studios in person – email

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